Christmas Soy Candle


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Our Christmas soy candle is all the memories of past and present, into one candle.  Close your eyes to remember waking up on Christmas morning, the scent of fresh cut Christmas tree while apple cider and cinnamon invokes your senses.  Christmas cookies are baking in the oven while cloves and orange peel fills the air.  Create new memories while burning your very own Christmas candle.


➕ Top: Apple Cider + Cinnamon 
➕ Middle: Fresh Cut Christmas Tree
➕ Base: Cookies + Orange Peels + Cloves


➕ 9oz Jar
➕ 40-80 Hour Burn Time
➕ Gluten Free + Phthalate Free
➕ Candle Care + Scents
➕ Made in the USA  |  Hand-poured in Sewickley, PA